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Using the app

Flow Free is the entry to Flow - a free number that redirects incoming calls directly to one or multiple mobile phone numbers.

Signing in

What is my user name?

Your mobile phone number is your user name, and is used to sign in on any platform.

If you use go Premium, you can also sign in with your fixed number.

I don't remember my password. How do I reset it?

You can reset your password in the app, or by clicking this link. Input your user name, to get a reset code by sms or e-mail, and then input that code to reset your password.

PBX services

What will happen if nobody can answer the phone or if we are “closed”?

  • If you’re closed, there will be an automatic closed-message.
  • If you’re open but nobody is logged into the queue, the caller will be on hold until someone loggs in.
  • If you reject a call, the caller will end up in your private voicemail.

Why do calls sometimes end up in one of our private voicemails and what can be done to avoid it?

Flow can not differentiate between you picking up the call or if the call is picked up by your voicemail. Flow usually avoids the voicemail kicking in by making short enough call attempts. However, when your line is busy (and you haven't activated call waiting on your phone), you are out of coverage or your phone is turned off your voicemail might still pick up the call right away. In order to avoid this, either log out from the main number during these times (under the main number settings in the app) or contact your phone provider to have your voicemail disabled.


Who can I chat with?

You can chat with any colleague that has a Flow account.

How do I start a conversation?

In the list of contacts, tap a colleague to send a chat message. If you've chatted with your colleague before, the conversation can also be accessed through the chat list.

The phone conference

How does the phone conference work?

The phone conference lets any number of callers participate in the same call, at the same time.

Each Flow user has a personal phone conference code, which functions as a key to that user's phone conference. To connect to the conference call, participants call the conference phone number listed in the app and input the code. Both the phone number and the code can be sent by invite through the app.

How many callers can connect to the phone conference?

How many callers can connect to the phone conference?

What does it cost to call the phone conference number?

If you use Flow as your network operator, it's free. Other callers pay the rate that their network operator charges.

Can I change the conference code?

No, your individual conference code is permanent.


What are profiles?

Want Flow to behave differently depending on if you're working or if you're off duty? That's what's profiles are for!

Profiles are sets of configurations, allowing you to customize how Flow behaves at different times. They can be scheduled and/or activated on demand.

For example, profiles can be used to make sure that you don't receive calls when you're not working. If you go Premium, you can use profiles to customize what number is shown for outgoing calls. And much more.

To make life easier, each user gets a set of default profiles to use from the get-go.

How do I switch what profile is active?

The currently active profile is shown in the top bar of the app. To switch to another profile, tap the bar and select it in the list.

Contact list

What's up with the colored dot?

The dot shown for each colleague displays status and whether that colleague is currently in a call or not:

  • Green: The colleague is available
  • Grey: The colleague is not available
  • Red: The colleague is in a phone call (not for Free users)
  • Yellow: The colleague is receiving a call (not for Free users)

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