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Flow Free

Flow Free is the entry to Flow - a free number that redirects incoming calls directly to one or multiple mobile phone numbers.

About the service

Does it matter what mobile network operator I have?

No. Flow will direct calls to any mobile phone number in your country, free of charge.

Who is the owner of the company phone number?

The number is registered at the network operator Telavox. If you want to leave Flow but keep the number, you can port it to another network operator.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. Using the company phone number is free, with no time limitation.

If you go Premium we can offer you an even more integrated experience, but that is completely optional.

The app

How do I record a customized welcome sound?

In the app, tap your company number and go to Welcome message / Manage sounds.

You can select your new sound to be played during opening hours, or when you're closed.

What's the difference between Open and Closed?

When the company phone number is open, incoming calls will be directed to you and your colleagues after hearing the welcome sound.

When the company phone number is closed, you can choose to play a sound and end the call, or redirect the caller to a specific phone number.

How do I configure opening hours?

In the app, tap your company number and go to Opening hours to configure your weekly opening hours. If your opening hours are not the same every Monday to Friday, toggle Irregular week to configure weekdays individually.

If you don't configure opening hours, the company number will always be in its open state

How do I invite my colleagues?

You can invite anyone with a mobile number to join you. Tap Invite colleagues in the bottom of the contact list, and pick any of your contacts or input a mobile phone number manually.

Invited colleagues will get an SMS text message asking them to create a user account. Once account creation is completed, they will join you in the app.

Getting techy

Do I need to run the app to get calls?

No. Incoming calls will be directed to you no matter if the app is running or not.

My voicemail activates for calls from the company phone number. Can I prevent that?

Apart from turning your voicemail off entirely, we can't control your voicemail when you're using a 3rd party network operator.

If you go Premium, you can customize the behavior of the voicemail (e.g, to kick in for direct calls but not for calls through the company number).

Can I show the company phone number when I make outgoing calls?

Yes, with Telavox as your network operator you may choose what number to show when you make outgoing calls.

Can I use my existing phone number as company number?

Yes, you can port your number to use with Flow. Contact us and we'll help you get it done.

Can I have multiple company numbers?

Yes, if you go Premium.

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