Telavox Flow
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Filled with features for small professional businesses

Flow Free has everything you need to easily communicate and collaborate with customers and colleagues - it's your company's telephony, PBX and chat gathered in a cloud-based solution. Totally free!

Managing a PBX has never been easier

It doesn't matter which mobile operator you have or how big the company is. Telavox Flow gives you a free local business number with call forwarding to mobile phones. There are hundreds of numbers to choose from! Record a welcome message and give your customers a professional hello.

Personal website widget

A widget for your website. It displays your company’s contact information, opening hours and wait time in the call queue. This increases your availability, boosts communication and generates more satis ed customers and business opportunities.

Sensational statistics

How long are your customers waiting in a phone queue before you and your colleagues respond? With the statistics feature in the mobile app, you can nd out what your queue is like. In the new statistics view, you can see how many calls are answered, the customer’s waiting time and average call duration.

Chat away

Chat facilitates communication between colleagues and makes it easy to send short messages and receive quick replies. Chatting also keeps inboxes free of unnecessary email.
In Flow, you can chat one-on-one or in open/ closed groups. Use your mobile app, web app or softphone to chat.


Flow makes it easy to set up your own professional PBX for incoming calls and distribute calls among your colleagues.