Telavox Flow
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Great things about Flow Free



Schedule opening hours and decide during which periods the company will answer calls.



Everyone in the company can see who is calling, even if the caller is not a saved contact. Is the call a business or private call? Is it for you or your colleague?


Like a pro

Since we do not like time-limited offers, Flow Free will always be free.

One number. Regardless of the operator

It doesn't matter which provider you have or how big the company is. In Flow you have one smart business number that connects all the telephones, thus allowing you and your colleagues to answer wherever you want, whenever you want.

Manage everything from the app

The Flow functions can easily be administered from the Telavox Flow app. Create a Flow account and download the app from the App Store. Search for Telavox.


Get started in less than two minutes


Select a business number

WARNING! There are so many numbers to choose from that you may even suffer from decision agony.


Decide who will answer

Add as many phone numbers as you want to connect to the business number. Should calls be routed to everyone at once or in sequence?

Record a welcome greeting

Greet your customers as a large and professional company would with a unique welcome message.